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Nama Rose Kioko
Pertubuhan Kenya Girl Guides Association
Negara Kenya

Dear Sisters in Guiding,

The Kenya Girl Guides project for disadvantaged girls has been selected as finalists in the BBC World Challenge. We need your vote to help us win. Please see the attachment for more details.

Voting is online and open for the month of October 2008.

We appreciate your support.

In guiding

Rose Kioko

International Commissioner

Kenya Girl Guides Association

Please take a minute out of your busy schedule to vote for the Kenyan finalist for the World Challenge Project: "Hawkers Market Girls Centre" at:

The World Challenge is a global competition aimed at finding projects or small businesses from around the world that have shown enterprise and innovation at a grass roots level. Funded by the BBC World News and Newsweek Magazine.

Hawkers Market Girls Centre is a community based project with Kenya Girl Guides as a partner. Girls scavenging in the Hawkers markets and other markets of Kenya had not been noticed and targeted for any intervention. Nobody had previously understood who the girls were, or what they were facing. We took the initiative to find what their needs were and organized to educate and train them without taking them away from their environment. Food and money were their basic requirements and this together with the need to keep the market clean became our driving force.

HMGC provides the girls with security and refuge from abuse. The girls who come to the market are adolescents who come from families where both parents are unemployed or from single parents or orphans. Due to the desperate situations, some parents force their young girls into prostitution as away of raising income for the family. At HMGC, they learn environmental education, vocational skills, health education, and entrepreneurship. By using the skill acquired, the girl becomes empowered economically by being in a position to be able to earn a living through employment or starting own businesses.

The project and the girls need your support on this initiative.

Thank you in advance for your gracious support.

Nama Carolyn
Pertubuhan Girl Scouts of USA
Negara Amerika Syarikat (USA)

Hi! We are Cadette Troop 8143 from Coal City, West Virginia, United States.

We are inviting people from around the world and especially our sister Girl Scouts and Girl Guides to join us in our biggest service project ever!

The world's biggest pajama party!

Please click on this link (or cut and paste into your browser) to view our website and get all the details about how you can join right where you are

This will benefit the pajama (as seen on Oprah)

Our service unit (black diamond) even got involved and is incorporating it into our cookie kickoff rally. Woo hoo!

Even if you choose not to get involved, please keep our email going to as many people and Girl Guides as you can. Our goal is to span the globe!

Because girl scouts and girl guides help make the world a better place :O)

Thank you!

Carolyn and her Cadettes

Nama Burgio Giuseppe
Pertubuhan AGESCI
Negara Itali (Italy)

Dear Friends,

This year is the 50th Anniversary of our scout group (Solarino 1) and we are planning to organize a series of activities to celebrate and make scouting known to the town and to a larger public. The Organising Committee has decided to prepare a public exhibition of all the scouts and guides badges from all nations around the world.

Can you help me to realize this project? If you can send me by air mail your national badges.

This is my address:

Burgio Giuseppe, Via XXIV Maggio 1, 96010 Solarino (SR) , Italy

Muat Turun  

Nama Wouter Van Espen
Pertubuhan Scouts en Gidsen Vlaanderen
Negara Belgium
E-mel evs (at)


In the summer of 2009, Scouts en Gidsen Vlaanderen, the largest scouting and guiding association of Flanders-Belgium, organizes Flamboree 2009. This is a International Camp for 1200 Scouts and Guides from all over the world, assisted by 300 IST staff.

The core team of Flamboree is currently looking for EVS volunteers (European Voluntary Service) to join the project from February till September 2009.

More information can be found in attachment.

Thanks in advance for helping spreading our call to all you international scouting and guiding friends! (answers before 10th of October please)

Wouter Van Espen

EVS Contact Flamboree 2009

Muat Turun  

Nama Jorge Defez
Pertubuhan Esculta Scouts Sempre Avant
Negara Sepanyol (Spain)
E-mel esculta.gssa (at)


I'm a Spanish scout, from the city of Valencia. I'm the scouter of a section called Esculta, for teenagers from 15 to 18. They are working during this year in an international project, and would like to count with your collaboration. It consists in making a mural with scout badges, and we are trying to get badges from the bigger number of countries we are able to contact. In return we send Spanish badges to everyone who posts their badges to us. Would you like to take part in our project?

If you want more information about our scout group I will be pleased to give you. I'd like to know more about your association too.

I wait for your answer.

Yours in scouting and kind regards from Spain.

Jorge Defez.

Grupo Scout Sempre Avant


P.D. We are not getting badges for selling the mural or our benefits, all the people who sent badges to us has received our badges and normally they received before we received theirs. We are open to all the suggestions you add to our project of exchange.

Nama Jacqueline Challis
Pertubuhan Trinity Brownies, Abingdon, Oxfordshire
Negara United Kingdom
E-mel pignutthepixie (at)


I am hoping that you will be able to help me.

I have a camp blanket that I am currently working upon, I am trying to find country specific badges from the places that I have visited or lived in. I am hoping that you will be able to advise me how I would be able to purchase a country specific badge?

Please advise,

Yours in Guiding

Jacqueline Challis

(Trinity Brownies, Abingdon, Oxfordshire Uk)

Nama Dutch ScoutShop
Pertubuhan Scouting Nederland/Netherlands
Negara Netherlands
E-mel scoutshop (at)

Dear Scout,

The Dutch ScoutShop (part of Scouting Nederland/Netherlands) just starts the international webshop:

Until June 1st 2008 we will not charge shippingcosts at all, to celebrate this new webshop!

We're looking forward to your visit.

Kind Regards,

Dutch ScoutShop

Nama AnnaMaria Norgia
Pertubuhan FIS Association
Negara Itali (Italy)
E-mel ANorgia (at)

Dear Friend,

I'm Anna Norgia and I'm an Italian scout team leader (FIS Association). I live in the north of Italy in between of Milan and Turin, at the beginning of the Alps.

I work for a wool spinning mill, in the sale division for the Asian markets and my company gave me the chance to select new countries for expanding our business.

Of course I know that we share the same passion for scouting and you are not concerned in the textile field, but I'm writing you to check if there's someone in your scout organization, involved in the textile market that could give me some information about my research.

For the moment I thank you very much for your kind attention and I hope you will be able to supply me interesting contacts that will be able to give me some advices and maybe we will have the chance to meet personally in the future.

With best regards

Anna Norgia

Nama Emma Mic
Pertubuhan 3rd Blacktown Guides
E-mel emma.queen.0f.spades (at)


I am a Senior Guide wishing to contact a unit in Malaysia.

I am travelling to Malaysia in late September and would like to broaden my understanding of world guiding and how guiding works in other cultures. I will be visiting both Penang and Kuala Lumpur and would love to meet guides from either of these areas. Also, I do not know Malaysian at all, will this be a problem?

I would be very thankful if you could respond as soon as possible.

Thank you,

Emma Michaels

3rd Blacktown Guides

Nama Heather Swiss
Pertubuhan Girl Scouts of USA
Negara Amerika Syarikat (USA)
E-mel h_swiss (at)


My name is Heather and I'm from the United states. I was working on the Olympic badge from China and one of the requirements says to get a pen pal from Asia. Well I had to "jump" through hoops to get to where I am now. Is there anyway that I could get a pen pal from there? I would love to have one that I could get to know and everything. If you could that would be great.

Thank you,