Persatuan Pandu Puteri Malaysia

Persatuan Pandu Puteri Malaysia
Girl Guides Association Malaysia

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Together we will keep on

praying and hoping

for the return of MH370.


The inaugural Phineas and Ferb Isabella Award

Disney Channel and the Girl Guides Association of Malaysia are announcing the inaugural Phineas and Ferb Isabella Award. This is in recognition of one of the girls who made Phineas and Ferb’s adventures possible - Fireside Girl Troop Leader Isabella Garcia Shapiro! Nominees of this Award must fulfill the selection criteria below, to enable them to receive the Isabella Award during the National Brownies Carnival (Karnival Pandu Puteri Tunas) in October this year.


1. Must be a Pandu Puteri Tunas Company Leader (Ketua Pasukan Pandu Puteri Tunas)

2. Age between 10 - 12 years

3. Positive with a gung-ho personality

4. Confident with a go-getter attitude

5. Tenacious with a let’s-give-it-our-best-shot perseverance

6. Sunny and optimistic

7. A good friend to her company members

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